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The exquisite 18th century reproduction furniture you will see here is the finest available in this country today.  Mark Emirzian began his study of 18th century furniture as a young boy in his grandfather's antique shop specializing in period furniture.  In years to come, Mark restored museum quality antique pieces under the name, Antique Restorations.  Hence, came his unbounded knowledge and experience in the handcrafting techniques of the original 18th century period. 

In 1992, Mark T. Emirzian ~ master craftsman  opened its studio in an antique barn on a beautiful mountainside in Massachusetts.  Since then, using original design and joinery methods, the studio continues handcrafting fine reproductions.  In combination with custom selected woods matched in sets from individual trees, finishing by hand-rubbing gives every piece the distinctive look and feel associated with the finest 18th century pieces. 

Mark T. Emirzian ~ master craftsman signed reproductions assure your family of quality heirlooms which will appreciate in value similar to comparable antiques for many future generations.

Copyright 2006, MARK T. EMIRZIAN ~ master craftsman


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